Portugal: Lisbon, Day 2, or 3, or something..


Mumma's blogawog:

"Went out for dinner last night in an amazing circus-act-supporting place with funky decor and fabulous views, on the other side of town, that Holly 'knew' about. Was lovely. Mojitos, tapas and a bottle of wine. Not sure if it was the combination of all of the above but things went a bit strange after that. These three gurning drug dealers arrived and they sat gurning at each other intensely, and their presence upset the staff who went to pieces and refused to get our bill for us and were tripping each other up and stuff, and Holly lost her ring.
I may have remembered all that wrong. Took charge of the map because I was convinced there was a shorter route back home. Forgot that Holly is my daughter and therefore won't be told. Battle of wills ensued. Got very lost. Map got thrown on floor and stamped on. Strangers got involved. Tried, and failed, to pull the Parent card. Ah well, we got there in the end. Stubborn little witch. Can't think WHERE she gets it from.

 Builders next door started banging things at 8am! Bastards. Accidentally showed everyone on the tram my foof as I stood on balcony inspecting the weather. Eventually got our acts together and got on a tram headed west. Accidentally didn't buy a ticket, although we did try but it was too complicated. Result! Got off at Alcântara and wandered around the LX Factory - a huge arty-farty reclamation of old factories. Found best bookshop ever which had integral bar and coffee shop.

Walked west along river front and ate our sandwiches under the mahoosive Pont 25 De Abril, then continued walking west for miiiiiles until we got to Belém. Nice place, nice old monastery. Had beer in sunshine then went to the Berardo Collection - a modern art gallery, most of which I didn't understand but Holly did. I liked it anyway. Well, most of it.
photo-24 photo-19 photo-22

Knackered, we got back on a tram and figured out how to buy a ticket which was just as well because the ticket inspectors got on and nabbed the people who didn't. Hah! Stupid tourists."



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