Portugal: Lisbon last day.

Peacemaaaaaaaan enthusiastic nutter drove us all around beautiful places for a day in an old yellow van.

Ultimate dream exploring in Zelda land + hobbits in Mordor. Climbed down a very deep well to a secret passageway, crawled through underground tunnels with creatures and unknown other stuff.. found secret lakes and caves.
photo-61 photo-59 photo-58 photo-56 photo-55 photo-54

Red-wine picnic lunch. Did a wee behind a rock with mum at the most Western point of Europe. Pissed all over my shoes.
photo-53 photo-46 photo-45 photo-44

Perved on Portugese surfers. Stopped in a town and ate what was "The most, very most, very best, most DEEEELicious. DEEEELicious. DEEEEEELicious ice-cream, in the whole world, whole ENTIRE world!!!"

and tried the Belem tradition of "Absolute heaven, heaven in a mouth, absolute insane heaven in your mouth!!!!!! Insane delicious HEAVEN to eat!!! To EAT IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!"

Thank you Marcos you lovely excited man!

Mum writes: http://www.lucewomangetsabout.blogspot.co.uk


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