Portugal: Vida Pura


At the moment we're a team of:
1x Portugese
2x Welshies
1x Scotsman
1x Latvian
2x Dutch
1x Frenchman
1x Aussie
2x Brazilians
and Dutch Robyn, Valeria & their two children, 
and Dutch Ole & Bela.

But then there's also,
Old German Paul the biker with a beaded wizard beard. He built himself a little cottage on the land somewhere that we find one evening when we're in a misty field following a big black horse into a forest. He feeds us a lot of Chinese wine and a lot of hash-pipe, and tells us how he built his house, and shows us photos of him in a German biker porno mag. Then sends us flying home, laughing in the pitch black, mind-blown by the incredible sky without light pollution. He is a hilarious, who turns up at the farm intermittently on his horse Jazoo, sneaking us bottles of cold Sagres and smokes behind the fence at the bottom of the garden.

And 50-something Tom the traveling carpenter from Cheltenham who lives here in his caravan, getting paid a low wage to do carpentry in the houses. When I asked him if he was planning to go back to the UK after he'd finished he laughs. Then he tells me about his life at the moment, traveling around to projects similar to Vida Pura, parking his little home on beautiful land for free, with Portugese weather, inspiring people around him, lunch cooked for him from organic veggies, and amazing beaches a 5 minute drive away.. I can understand why he's laughing.
He drives us to the beach in his surf van for the sunset, and we talk for a few hours about his life, the camps and communes that changed him, and laughing a lot about the ones that went very wrong. He teaches me basics about building your own hand-built house, books and materials and techniques. Will do it.

I have had so many inspiring conversations. 
People arrive at Vida Pura to help for a few weeks, 80% don't leave.

Muito Bonito Burro. 
Very Beautiful Donkey


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