Crochet Hooks

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Crochet Hooks.

Crochet Hooks

Tree to sea to sand to knife to yarn. 
Hand-carved crochet hooks from driftwood found on beaches between North Norwegian islands and the Portuguese Atlantic Coast.
Each has its own look and feel. Natural oil from your hands and the yarn will treat the hooks as they are used.

Type the size of the hook you'd like in the 'Add Note' section of the payment process.
Hooks are all unique, custom made according to the size you require, so will differ slightly to the hooks shown here.


The last remaining of Angus's editions of 5.
6x6 colour slides scanned and printed at high resolution on Ilford Gallerie Gold Fibre Silk paper.
8x10 prints.

Angus Fulton



Angus Fulton



Angus Fulton


Angus Fulton


Angus Fulton




Printed on both sides on recycled 250g paper.

Angus Fulton - Gobelin


Angus Fulton - Three Weeks Time

Three Weeks Time.

Order here.

Silly strings.

Bags made from washed-up plastic and fishing net found on beaches, crocheted together with recycled jersey yarn. Great for stuffing with stuff... clothes, wool, vegetables, re-used plastic bags!

Bags are custom made, email us to discuss your colour / shape / size preferences.

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