On Tuesday we go to a village market to get some more veggies for the week.
We get up early at the farm to walk the two HUGE dogs. It's like
trying to walk, on a chain, two badly trained horses that are equally
frightened and excited by absolutely everything. If they run, you run,
or fall and get dragged. The female pulled me arse-first into the
ditch, broke free and galloped down the track dragging the chain behind her.
Nick tried to rugby-tackle her at the same time as holding the big male
dog and ended up tangled in chains with his legs and arms bound
together and the dogs leaping all over the place, screaming for me
to hurry up and stop pissing laughing as I clambered out of
the ditch. We got pulled head-first inches from the river, after a frog,
and there was an incident with a herd of cows. There's also a 15 year
old grumpy Jack Russell who's favourite entertainment is biting the ankles of the
massive male horse dog as Nick tries to lead him out of the farm, the horse
dog flailing it's limbs, trying to climb onto Nick's shoulders out of reach
of the little dog's teeth.

We get up early and explore the Grand Bazaar.
A two week stay in Turkey Lurkey for zero moneys.

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