From Tallinn we headed East, into the forest of Laheema Nationa Park for three weeks with Jim and Mari at their Projekti Kodu - Project Home, an off-grid paradise, with the use of natural and reclaimed materials at it's core.
As Winter approached, we helped with the very satisfying job of finishing off their cabin, constructing a cordwood porch and sealing straw-bale walls with cob. They taught us how simple it can be to make your own solar panels, and how asking for 'waste' can get you treasure, like a beautiful circular window from a window fabricators, made in the 'wrong size'. We explored abandoned submarine bases and in the evenings we laughed and kept warm, between the fire under the bath tub and the darkness of their green-roof sauna.

Estonia  Estonia

After docking in Tallinn and finding a leafy residential street in the Kalamaja wooden-house district to park the home for a few days, we went in search of a source for our new addiction:

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